Lieuwe Norel BSc, NIVRE-re, FUEDI-ELAE


Lieuwe specialises in handling constructional, civil engineering and mechanical engineering claims for insurers in Construction All Risks (CAR), Transport/Assembly, Construction/Warranty, Equipment, Liability for businesses and public bodies and Professional liability for architects and constructors. He also acts as a loss adjuster whose decision is binding and risk assessor.

In 1984, Lieuwe Norel completed his Engineering course at the Wiltzanghlaan Technical College in Amsterdam. After his course at the technical college, he completed his military service at the infantry in Oirschot. Starting in late 1985, Lieuwe worked at Fokker Aircraft B.V. for a five-year period as a policy officer and supervisor. During this period, renovations and maintenance work was prepared, performed and coordinated.

In 1990, Lieuwe switched to the loss adjusting sector, starting as a junior loss adjuster at Nolte Expertise B.V. He then moved to GAB Robins Takkenberg B.V. (now Cunningham Lindsey Nederland B.V.), where he worked for a period of almost 17 years as a loss adjuster, senior loss adjuster, trainer and manager. In 1995 Lieuwe was included in the NIVRE (Dutch Association of Chartered Loss Adjusters) register, under registration number 95/1085 and in 1999 he was included in the European register of loss adjusters, FUEDI.

He has worked from our office in Hoogeveen since 2010.

Lieuwe can be reached at +31681053177 and


  • CAR / EAR / Warranty
  • Liability

  • Transport / Assembly