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Artium Experts deals with environmental claims. The most common types of claims involve contaminated land, where the soil and/or the groundwater has become polluted by, for example, leaking machinery, leaking tanks, contaminated fire-fighting water, contamination during transport, etc.

Investigation of these types of claims requires relevant knowledge of the specific technical discipline relating to the environment and environmental legislation. We have also developed relationships with different investigation and consultancy firms (e.g. specialising in soil), environmental contractors and companies that specialise in clean-up activities, land remediation companies and competent authorities (government). This allows us to provide advice in order to prevent larger scale contamination (measures taken to prevent or minimise loss), measures that need to be taken and the final remediation strategy, and we can interface between the various involved parties.

We also carry out, of course, loss assessments for other forms of contamination, for example, surface water contamination and contamination involving asbestos.

We have experience with claims handling relating to Environmental Damage Insurance, Environmental Impairment Liability, Business Liability Insurance, Construction All Risks and Machinery and Equipment Liability Insurance.

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The loss adjusters at Artium specialise in the following subsectors:

Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Energy technology, Electromechanics, Civil engineering and Dredging, Shipbuilding, Offshore vessels and Offshore equipment, Environmental

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