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Who we are

We are Artium Experts. The technical loss adjusting firm that, when loss occurs, will get a business up and running again in no time.

Artium Experts loss adjusters are all familiar names and faces. We carry out loss adjusting activities in the disciplines Marine Hull, Construction/Warranty, CAR/EAR, Transport/Assembly, Land-based equipment, Liability and Machinery breakdown/Electronics. Our national and international clients mainly comprise insurers, insurance brokers, public and semi-public bodies and the commercial sector.

We are an independent and flexible loss adjusting firm, with specialised engineers and a professional back office. As well as possessing knowledge about the insurance business, our loss adjusters have gained a wealth of experience within the specific discipline in which they work. This combination of experience, knowledge about the insurance business and loss adjustment enables us to accurately assess the technical aspects of complex losses under the various policies. As well as the professionalism of the loss adjusters and the professional organisation, we believe that personal contact with our clients is of prime importance.

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