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Albert C. Zabel Bsc NIVRE-re


Specialisms: Construction /Warranty, Marine Hull

"Loss adjustment is a fascinating profession, in which you learn something new every day, both from a technical point of view and in terms of dealing with people."   

In 1988, Albert Zabel became acquainted with the loss adjustment profession for the first time. After first having worked as a technical fire loss adjuster, in 1989 Albert took a position at Van Helden, Schippers & Nobels, a reputable technical loss adjusting firm, mainly focussing on the ship building/warranty and marine hull sectors. Since then, Albert has remained in the loss adjustment profession. As well as the management tasks, Albert mainly focuses on Construction/Warranty, Ocean hull, Offshore, Salvage and Contractors’ Equipment.

"I grew up in the shipbuilding sector. It was therefore not particularly surprising that after I had completed secondary school, I decided to study Shipbuilding at the Technical College in Dordrecht. After completing this course, my first job was in ship repair and shipbuilding at Boele’s Scheepswerven in Bolnes. This was a shipyard that carried out unusual repair, conversion and construction projects. The well-known cyclical recession in shipbuilding led to a decision to move to Groningen in the mid-1980s, where I worked for more than 3 years as head of field operations in Transport Efficiency, in the construction and installation of hatch covers and link spans." 

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