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Bas de Bruin BSc, NIVRE-re


Specialisms: Land-based equipment , Transport /Assembly, Marine Hull , Offshore wind, Liability , Risk surveys / Advice

After graduating from the Maritime Academy in 2007, Bas worked at a cargo inspection company in Maassluis for a short period of time.

Between 2009 and 2018, Bas worked as a maritime technical loss adjuster, appraiser and certified vessel inspector at consultancy and surveyors firm Verweij & Hoebee, based in Amsterdam at that time but which since was part of an acquisition and merged with the current BMT Surveys in 2018. 

In 2018, Bas made the transition to transport insurance company TVM verzekeringen, where he worked as a marine surveyor. In 2021, Bas changed his role internally and became a prevention and risk management consultant. Among other things, he supported commercial shipping customers to help make the level of claims within their companies manageable and preferably to reduce these claims. 

In 2023, Bas decided to return to the dynamic profession of surveying and he joined our company.

In 2015, Bas completed his training in the inspection of inland vessels under the flag of the Netherlands Office for Inland Shipping Certification (Nederlands Bureau Keuringen Binnenvaart). He carried out this work until 2020.  

Bas has also been listed in the NIVRE register, Shipping and Technical sector since 2016.

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