Artium Experts - Our methodology

Our methodology

One of the aims of Artium Experts is to get our clients’ businesses up and running again in no time. As a transparent company with a flat organisational structure and short lines of communication, with highly trained loss adjusters, we are able to achieve this aim.

We do this by ensuring that the facts relating to every case are clear and easy for our client to understand. Our specialists take an independent, effective and proactive approach. From thorough research through to reporting. 

A team with extensive experience

Our loss adjusting firm is set up in such a way that our loss adjusters can work independently or as a team which is made up of various specialists with different technical backgrounds, supported by a professional back office. Because we have worked together for a long time and have extensive experience, you can be assured of professional, independent and transparent loss adjustment services, that are quantifiable and transparent.

We are able to comprehend complex causes of loss and to ensure that all of our clients are able to understand any relevant aspects. We gather all the details and record these in a clear report, to enable our clients to form an opinion about, for example, liability and cover. The report is prepared in such a way that it can also be used as evidence should legal action be taken.

We are also more than happy to assist you with any less complicated matters. We would then provide a customised report, enabling our clients to swiftly settle a ‘clear-cut’ issue. When required, in consultation with our client, we work with external experts.

International network

Artium Experts has access to an international network of loss adjusters. Because of our extensive experience in maritime shipping, which has entailed us pursuing Dutch interests in all corners of the world, we have communicated regularly with foreign loss adjusters. We have also been asked to determine whether someone was available locally to perform an initial inspection. As a result of this, we have built up an international network of experts who collate the right information locally in accordance with our methodology. This enables us to prepare a report, to our high standard, anywhere and everywhere.

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