Henk Wierda BSc, NIVRE-re


After completing his mechanical engineering course at the Technology College in Leeuwarden in 1994, Henk continued to study with a course in Operational Management for Engineers. This course was offered by the Northern High School Leeuwarden in conjunction with the University of Glasgow. In 1995 and 1996, Henk worked for a short time as a work planner at a machine shop in Dokkum and at a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders in Heerenveen.

In 1996, Henk started work as a technical loss adjuster at D. Touw Expertise- en Ingenieursbureau B.V. This loss adjusting firm specialised in the maritime sector. Henk enjoyed working at the firm until he decided to tackle a new challenge in 2003. Henk made the transition to Recontec B.V. where he worked as project manager and branch manager. This company’s specialism was reconditioning electronics and machines after fire and water damage. After this, Henk mainly focussed on the international maritime sector.

Blood is thicker than water and in 2011 Henk decided to return to the wonderful profession of loss adjusting. He started to work as a senior loss adjuster at our office in Hoogeveen where, as well as the maritime losses, he also became acquainted with the world of Construction All Risks. Since 2015, Henk has been registered as a NIVRE (Dutch Association of Chartered Loss Adjusters)loss adjuster in the Shipping and Technology sector.  In 2015, Henk also followed the training required to perform work on offshore wind turbines, in accordance with the requirements of the GWO (Global Wind Organisation).

Henk can be reached at +31648617733 and henk@artiumexperts.nl.


  • CAR / EAR / Warranty
  • Marine Hull
  • Liability
  • Construction / Warranty
  • Risk surveys / advice
  • Offshore wind
  • Transport / Assembly
  • Land-based equipment