Klaas Borger BSc, NIVRE-re, FUEDI-ELAE


After completing his Civil Engineering course at the Technical College in Groningen, Klaas Borger worked for 4 years as a supervisor at Dura Vermeer in road construction. He then worked at Esha Nederland B.V. for 4 years as a technical/commercial advisor in bituminous roofing materials. He subsequently worked from 1999 as a senior loss adjuster and branch manager at GAB Robins Takkenberg (now Cunningham Lindsey Nederland).

Because of his experience in both civil engineering and in construction, Klaas can be widely deployed as a loss adjuster for CAR and Business Liability Insurance matters, both in dry and wet construction. Klaas has experience with losses in non-residential construction, house construction, roads, viaducts, tunnels, boring operations and aqueducts. Klaas also works on warranty losses for roofing materials.

Klaas has worked as senior loss adjuster from our Hoogeveen office since 2009.

Klaas can be reached at +31681053187 and klaas@artiumexperts.nl.


  • CAR / EAR / Warranty

  • Liability