Gerwin Kasper BSc, MSc, NIVRE-re, LRGD (National Register of Judicial Experts) Expert, FUEDI-ELAE surveyor


After graduating in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle, Gerwin started his career as project leader in product development at a heating and ventilation manufacturer. Around five years later, he made the switch to loss adjustment, working as a senior loss adjuster in both fire and marine hull.

Over the past 25 years, Gerwin has expanded his working area as a senior loss adjuster to include (technical) AVB (Corporate Liability Insurance), CAR (Construction All Risks), BA (Civil Liability) and machinery breakdown. Gerwin has extensive experience with losses in the processing industry, energy sector, engines, structural installations, computers and data systems technology and controls, agriculture and construction machinery, plus others. He has acted on behalf of all insurance companies based in the Netherlands, but also regularly for foreign insurers.

Gerwin has been registered with the National Register of Judicial Experts (LRGD) since 2015 and often conducts technical investigations commissioned by the court or directly by parties.

Gerwin has also been listed in the NIVRE register since 2011.

Gerwin can be reached at +31651547212 and


  • CAR / EAR / Warranty
  • Machinery breakdown electronics
  • Liability
  • Risk surveys / advice