Ruud van der Meer BSc


Once Ruud had completed his Technical College education in Civil Engineering in The Hague in 1990, he started his working career in the contracting business. First as a work planner and later on as a project leader, from 1990 until 2000 Ruud worked with drilling, pressing, sliding and jack work and in the construction of tunnels, bridges and acoustic screens.

In 2000, Ruud switched to the loss adjustment sector. Until mid-2002, he dealt with civil engineering CAR and Business Liability Insurance matters and his practical experience provided a sound basis for this work.

From 2002 until 2012, Ruud once again went into the civil engineering contracting sector. In his capacity as project leader/project manager, Ruud was responsible for the development of a new drilling technique, which was used to create a construction pit for the development of the North/South railway line beneath Amsterdam Central Station. Ruud also worked on the construction of tunnels, viaducts and acoustic screens for provincial and national authorities.

In 2014, Ruud participated in the Liability and Insurance Law Master Course at the Erasmus Academy in Rotterdam and completed this training successfully.

Given his past history, extensive knowledge and experience in the various Civil Engineering disciplines, Ruud came to work with us on the 1st of January 2013.

Ruud can be reached at +31681034578 and


  • CAR / EAR / Warranty

  • Liability

  • Risk surveys / Advice
  • Offshore wind