Construction / Warranty

For the construction of new ships and offshore equipment, but also for large-scale construction or reconstruction projects, a specific policy has been developed in the insurance market. This policy is usually taken out by shipyards, but can also be taken out by shipping companies. This policy, which provides cover during the period of construction or reconstruction, is often accompanied by warranty cover for a specified period of time after the work on the ship has been completed. Artium Experts has more than quarter of a century’s experience with ascertaining and reporting loss that is notified under this specific policy. Our knowledge about this policy translates into a clear report, which enables our client and/or involved parties to draw conclusions regarding policy cover.

The knowledge of our loss adjusters and our transparent method of communication is held in high repute in the commercial sector and as a result of this we are also often asked to perform work on behalf of shipyards, shipping companies and suppliers in the shipbuilding industry, to act as an independent expert when there is a dispute. This won’t necessarily be in relation to a loss, but may be a technical dispute or a contractual disagreement. The experience that parties have gained with us in insurance-related matters are our showpiece for impartiality, independence and professionalism. This has been reflected by the confidence of parties to appoint us as experts when the need arises.

subsectors and specialisms

  • Naval architecture
  • Offshore equipment
  • Shipbuilding
  • Inland waterway hull
  • Offshore vessels
  • Seagoing vessels
  • Luxury yacht construction
  • Marine vessels

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