To be able to assess the liability, all facts must be clear.

Artium Experts performs detailed investigation into claims submitted under liability insurance and that overlap with the technical fields in which we specialise.

Our liability loss adjusters provide clarity in respect of the cause and consequences. We perform an investigation and provide clarity regarding the relevant contractual relationships between the involved parties and the conditions which may or may not have been agreed between the parties. In short, as well as the nature and extent of the financial implications, we investigate and assess the agreements that have been made, how these have been established, which conditions apply and the relationships between the involved parties. 

Reports regarding the investigation and the loss estimate can help to assess the liability and/or policy cover, or they can be used in the event of any legal action being taken.

subsectors and specialisms

  • Business liability insurance
  • Professional liability
  • SRL (Ship Repairers’ Liability)
  • Motor Insurance Liability Act

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